This project is a single edition of a hand-bound printed book. Through a series of visual experiments on each spread, this book explores and appreciates the ubiquitous, long-standing format of books and the resonance of its physical qualities. In the increasingly digital age, screen-based interfaces have a growing presence in human lives, but the interface and three-dimensionality of the printed page has power to provide a viscera, intimate interaction. The interactions in this book intend to bring to the reader a sense of play and wonder in being lost in a book.

This book can only be genuinely experienced in its physical form, yet there is only one copy. So, ironically, digital formats must be used to document it to experience it beyond its limited exhibition time. This page includes images of the book, a video of me flipping through it, and a time-lapse of viewers flipping through it at the exhibition.

"Command Print" was exhibited in April 2022 at the University of Pennsylvania Senior Design Thesis show. 

The exhibition included the book, embossed takeaway postcards for visitors, printed spreads of the book, and a trash bin collecting every single scrap of paper used to make this project.

Flipping through the book to demonstrate its interactions unable to be captured by still images or a pdf.

During this show, there was a mounted GoPro recording viewers as they flipped through and interacted with the book. Since there is only one copy of the book, this serves as documentation of how it has been experienced by the public. It gave me great joy to watch people interact and hear them "get it" and play with the book. Video edited for length.

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